Thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web.  We hope that your visit is informative, and invite
you to contact us by phone for any additional questions you may have.

We added this page to clear up some confusion with our pricing.

We get far more visitors here from out of state than we do from local areas.  To keep things as simple
as possible, all of the safes are priced without shipping from their respective distributors or
manufacturers.  When an order is placed, shipping is calculated specific to that order, and the safe is
drop shipped to that customer.  

The companies that we represent are located in various locations from coast to coast, and the pricing
shown here does not reflect our local pricing.  Our local pricing is the same cost you see here, plus the
shipping overhead to transport the safe to our facility from the distributor or manufacturer.  Local
customers are also charged the local sales tax.

After shopping here, please contact us to obtain an accurate quote on the safe you are interested in.

You may reach us at (636) 328-2929.

Our local customers do get some extras that are not available to our out of town customers.  All safes
ordered locally will have the combination set to the new owner's choice of numbers at no additional
charge.  We are also available to consult with you in person at your own home or business.

We would be pleased to personally deliver, install, and service your safe after the sale.
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